Measure of safety
Petroleum products are divided into dangerous goods.
We must take care of transport.
About transport of petroleum products, we must not only 
transport but also be responsible for safety.
By introducing the latest system and practicing safety control, we are committed to prevent accidents.

Training of unloading

We have training for all drivers through the year.
They tend to drive and work in their particular way as they experience.
Improving these get them establish the pride of professional.

They learn and discuss about how they prevent troubles, Fire Service Act and the trend of petroleum world.They understand how important their position is and have responsibility for safety. 


Patrol of loading

By using checklist, we check whether drivers work according to manual. The patrol also get them have responsibility for work that they handle dangerous goods.
We all the time pay careful attention to  ‘safe transport’

Training of unloading

Tank trucks have customer’s company name and logo.
It means tank trucks are sign and facesof the customer.
Drivers must keep manners and manual and do  their best to prevent accidents.
But we think that our careful safety control wins customer’s confidence.

Our transport support system

Drivers pay attention to  their driving and office workers also support safe transport.
We introduced computer traffic control system.
It uses GPS and can grasp where tank truck is moving. It has also prevention system of misdelivery. So even if a driver goes to a wrong place.
We can deal with it rapidly.