Business Activities

Logistics are indispensable to our daily life and company's activities.
Since we started business,we have transported freights by land and sea.

Operation of oil depots to keep energy.
Transport business to provide consumers with energy. Dispatching cars to
transport suitably,thinking about environment and energy consumption.
tarading company to provide customers with the ost suitable logistics.

As logistics partner of customers,we develop and introduce
new system,technique and thught and get customer's ideal
outsourcing come true.

Oil depot


Energy supports our lives.  Oil depots save and keep it.
Oil depots connect refineries and service stations and consumers. 
They are managed by computer from acceptance of an order to forwarding .
We contract operation of oil depots and keep a very careful eye on things
from storage to acceptance and forwarding to transport petroleum products of
the best qualities to consumers.


Oil transport

Transport !

Petroleum products undergo process of acceptance of an order,
dispatching cars, and forwarding and then reach consumers.  To provide consumers
with these products , we aim at safe transport by efficient dispatching cars.
We introduce the latest divice into tank trucks and encourage excellent talents and always try
new things and certainly transport energies that support our lives.


Dispatching Cars


From refineries to oil depots and then to consumers , domestic transport of petroleum
products is transported mainly by land .
Our transport are is mainly metropolitan area .
By using the latest system we understand road conditions and think how we transport and dispatch cars